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N.T.P., the parent company of partsoutlet24.com has business interests beyond automotive accessories and motorsport: it is also a supplier to Italian car manufacturers including Ferrari, Maserati, FIAT, Abarth and Lamborghini. 

As agent for a number of different manufacturers, we provide advice and assistance to these customers on new projects ranging from the manufacture of initial prototypes for experimental vehicles through to the delivery of the production line.  Even Ferrari’s current fastest road car ever is equipped with products that we supplied.

Another of our services is the development of dampers for initial test mules and the testing phase, as well as calibraiton of settings on a variety of test facilities including the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, the Nardò high-speed circuit or FIAT’s own test track in Balocco.  Our service truck, which is equipped with a complete suspension workshop, allows us to set up vehicles on site and configure the dampers with a range of different settings.  We also offer this service to racing teams.

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